Ice-cream scoop

Our ice cream flavors are truly all-natural and made from
hormone free milk and cream.
Check out the ingredient labels
and you will find it is made from simple ingredients — cream, milk, sugar, skim milk powder, and egg yolks, and contains no artificial ingredients. We do not use corn syrup, whey proteins, stabilizers or other additives/replacements like most other ice cream companies. We have spent several years perfecting our recipes to offer unique and delicious flavors. To download a pdf of our Nutrition Facts please click here.

Our newest flavor is Strawberry Moon.

Our number 1 ice cream fan!

Our number one pumpkin ice cream fan!

Limited Holiday Flavors!

Who needs pie with this perfectly spiced blend of ice cream and real pumpkin.
Peppermint Stick
Pure hand-made peppermint stick pieces make this flavor a refreshing treat.


†Kosher approved. Look for the Kosher logoKosher Dairyon our packaging.


Flavors Available:

The name is the literal translation of the Mohawk word, “Adirondack.” Fortunately our bark is pure, delicious and all-natural homemade English Almond Toffee which is folded into our special vanilla ice cream.
WhiteFace Mint Chip†
Named after the Adirondack high peak of Olympic Fame due to its white as snow color. It is made with pure peppermint extract and soft dark chocolate chunks.
Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom†
Inspired by the dessert famous in South Asia, where Paul’s father is from, this flavor is made with chopped pistachio nuts and cardamom spice and as with our mint chip does not contain any green coloring.
Chocolate Chocolate Chip†
Based on a rich cocoa without coloration which when added to our ice cream base results in a creamy, smooth chocolate flavor. The flavor is further enhanced with sumptous dark chocolate chunks.
Chocolate Walnut Chip
Similar to our Chocolate Chocolate Chip but with fresh — and nutritious — chopped black walnuts added for chocolate and nut lovers alike.
Made with a special blend of pure vanilla extracts which impart a rich, smooth vanilla flavor.
Coffee Bean†
Contains freshly ground organic coffee so strong it will keep you awake.
Pure and simple chocolate with a deep rich flavor that could only come from the highest quality all natural cocoa.
Strawbery Moon† — NEW in 2009!
Simply real diced strawberries combined with our rich vanilla ice cream.


Jan Whitebread’s Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge and English Almond Toffee

One of Paul’s best experiments was to melt homemade Peanut Butter Fudge which his childhood friend, Jan Whitebread makes based on his grandfather’s recipe, and incorporate it into a vanilla based ice cream. The result was a fantastic ice cream. Subsequently Jan worked out a unique recipe which allows the fudge to be added to the ice cream without melting it.

In addition Adirondack Creamery’s signature flavor – Barkeater includes Jan’s English Almond Toffee as its bark ingredient. 

It was Jan’s grandfather, Earl Whitebread, who not only passed on his peanut butter fudge recipe to Jan, but also taught Paul how to make ice cream when he worked on their farm as a child.